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Integrated Capital Planning is the culmination of years of learning, exploring, studying and observing the financial advisory industry in an effort to define and deliver a more comprehensive and meaningful approach to financial planning. Through this, we have developed a vision to form a planning firm that helps successful people like entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and real estate investors develop an integrated approach to growing, employing, managing and protecting their capital consistent with their goals.

As professionals, we have a fiduciary duty to put our clients’ best interest first. We believe this not only because our professional standards as CPAs and CFP®'s dictate it, but more importantly, because it's the right thing to do! We don't sell products, we don't collect commissions. We earn our fees providing our clients with unbiased, professional, financial life planning advice.

Why "Capital Planning"? We know that wealth is about more than stocks and bonds. Your total wealth is the financial and intellectual capital you've earned, accumulated and inherited over your lifetime. It only makes sense to develop your financial plan in the context of all your capital, not just your stock and bond portfolio. We do this by helping our clients clearly define personal and financial goals that can be realistically achieved given their lifestyle needs and wants in light of their current and projected capital.

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Integrated Capital Planning partners with Buckingham Strategic Partners 

Buckingham Strategic Partners


to develop and provide an Evidence-Driven Investing™ approach

that puts our client's best interest first!


Our Process

Our Process


A process of personal discovery helps to uncover what’s important to you, so that a plan can be designed and customized to balance your wants and needs. This plan serves as an ever-changing compass that will help navigate the journey ahead


 With academic research and financial science as the foundation, build your plan with distinct objectives and attainable action items. Not a rigid, solitary plan; but a fluid, ever-evolving process to help you stay on track and meet your goals.


Life happens. Inevitably there will be a number of factors, both personal and global, that impact your plan. Protecting your plan means providing insights and education to help you focus on those areas that an be controlled.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Every financial decision sends ripples through our lives. Most of the other choices we make in life also have financial implications. Our role is to be one of your trusted advisors helping you navigate the intersection of life and money. 

For too long, the financial services industry has charged too much and provided too little. Too little advice, too little value and too little planning. We believe everyone can benefit from an integrated approach to planning and managing their financial lives and futures.  One that is not dependent on what annuity you purchase or what mutual fund you buy.    

By combining decades of professional experience, an integrated approach to managing their capital and doing so with integrity of fiduciary duty, you get more and pay less. That leaves more of your hard earned capital working for you!

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Our Team

Comprehensive Advice through an Integrated Approach to Employing, Managing and Protecting your capital so you can live the life you envision

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